Collection: Hen Saddles

Protect your feathered friends with these handmade hen saddles. Hen saddles (also known as hen jackets, chicken aprons or hen aprons) are a piece of material that protects a chicken's skin and feathers from damage due to rooster over-mating.  

Our hen saddles are all handmade. Sizes vary depending on weight and breed; X-Small  1-3lbs (Silke, Bantam, Sultan, or Serama), Small 3-4lbs (Silkie, Bantam, Isa Brown), Medium 3-5lbs (Rhode Island Red, Legbar or Leg Horn), Large 5-8lbs (Copper Maran, Barred Rock, Orpington), X-Large 8-13lbs (Wyandotte, Jersey Giant, Cornish, Cochin, English Black Orpington).