Meet Monica with Bestemor Moni

Meet Monica with Bestemor Moni

Monica with Bestemor Moni (Grandma/Mother Monica in Norwegian) has been with us since 2020. She is "sew" creative! She is our go to for embroidery and everything sewn! She also also a selection of vintage and crafting kits! 

Here is her story on how she got started...

My mom made the majority of my dresses so by watching her and learning in Home Economics I too began sewing. It wasn’t until I had a family that I really started to sew, mostly clothing for my girls. But my girls grew out of home-made clothes, and I went to home décor items such as curtains, pillow covers and duvet covers. I only had so many windows and beds, so I branched out to baby items, dog & chicken items and so much more. I realized at some point that the hum of the sewing machine was therapeutic and the whole process of creating something out of material was a thrill. I loved going to the fabric store and running my hands over all the different textures. I needed a way to keep in this habit I had! I started selling at craft fairs, local businesses and then I discovered machine embroidery! Oh the creative possibilities were now endless; kitchen towels, whimsical aprons, bags and totes. It is such a joy to have someone ask if I can make something I have not tried before. 

Thank you for your support and showing the love for my handmade items! 


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